This is a modified (for the sake of actuality) mirror of Zac's original website.



04/02/2012 - Release 1.5.0 06/14/2010 - Release 1.4.7 06/07/2010 - Release 1.4.6 05/28/2010 - Release 1.4.5

05/26/2010 - Release 1.4.4

05/25/2010 - Release 1.4.3

05/24/2010 - Release 1.4.2

05/23/2010 - Release 1.4.1

05/20/2010 - I (Fritz Elfert) found EHS at Zac's site and decided to adapt it to my needs. I realized, that since 2005 the project has be on hold. So i contacted Zac and he gave admin permissions to the project site at SourceForge to me ...

04/10/2005 - New version coming today. It's been a while..

06/27/2004 - 1.3.1 has some bugs with non-persistant behaviour. Fix is coming soon..

05/24/2004 - Windows build is available. See the file building_for_windows.txt in the 1.3.1 (and later when they come out) for directions on how to set up visual studio 6 to build ehs. No other changes in this version.

04/01/2004 -- No, no April Fool's joke, 1.3 is out. With a rewritten server system, ehs is more stable than ever. Here's what's changed -- Oh, and it doesn't crash nearly as much under load.

02/23/2004 -- Was just running ehs_test in 4-thread mode on my dual processor Xeon system. I was serving 300 pages/second from /usr/share/dict/words. Just thought I'd share that with you. BTW, running it with leak checking in valgrind, it slows down to a paltry 40 pages/second.

What is EHS?

EHS stands for embedded HTTP server. It allows you to easily add web server functionality to any C++ app. EHS allows your program to bind a port (probably not port 80, but it could if you weren't running a web server there already and ran the application as root) and handle application-specific web requests. It is handy for remote administration or statistics gathering. EHS is implemented as a C++ class which your application subclasses.

What *ISN'T* EHS?

EHS is *NOT* a standalone web server. And while you could possibly use it as the basis of one, that would be silly, as there's already a perfectly good one out there


Version 1.0.2 and higher are LGPL. Previously EHS was GPL.


Here is the doxygen-generated documenation for EHS. Examples are not documented yet, but it's a good starting point.

Contact Info:


The current version is available at SourceForge
Older versions at Zac's website:
Version 1.3.1 with Windows support.. see building_for_windows.txt 1.3.0 is also available: here