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Datum Class Reference

class that makes it easy to go between numbers and strings More...

#include <datum.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Datum ()
 Default constructor.
 Datum (const Datum &other)
 Copy constructor.
Datumoperator= (const Datum &other)
 Assignment operator.
Datumoperator= (unsigned long inUL)
 assignment operator for unsigned long
Datumoperator= (long inLong)
 assignment operator for longs
Datumoperator= (int inInt)
 assignment operator for ints
Datumoperator= (double inDouble)
 assignment operator for doubles
Datumoperator= (std::string isString)
 assignment operator for std::strings
Datumoperator= (char *ipsString)
 assignment operator for char * strings
Datumoperator= (const char *ipsString)
 assignment operator for const char * strings
Datumoperator= (void *ipVoid)
 assignment operator for void *
bool operator== (const char *ipsString)
 equality operator for const char * string
 operator int ()
 conversion operaor to return an in
int GetInt ()
 explicit accessor for int
 operator unsigned long ()
 conversion operator for unsigned long
 operator long ()
 conversion operator for long
 operator double ()
 conversion operator for double
 operator std::string ()
 conversion operator for std::string
 operator const char * ()
 conversion operator for const char *
const char * GetCharString ()
 explicit accessor for const char *
bool operator!= (int)
 inequality operator to test against int
bool operator!= (const char *)
 inequality operator to test against const char *

Protected Attributes

std::string sDatum
 holds the data in string form

Detailed Description

class that makes it easy to go between numbers and strings

class that can take data in string or number form and can return it in either form. Very similar to a perl scalar (without references)

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